What To Expect From Assistant Coach Mark Santel?

The St. Louis University Billikens soccer team is attempting to return to the national powerhouse they used to be in the sport, and the hiring of Mark Santel as assistant coach is a great first step. St. Louis University still owns the most national championships in the history of college soccer, and it is now time to start adding to that total for the first time since 1973.

Mark Santel is a great hire for the Billikens soccer team because of his experience in college soccer, professional soccer and the city of St. Louis. Santel

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What To Expect From Assistant Coach Jason O’Keefe?

If you are a big fan of soccer and the Saint Louis University team, you probably only want to see the best coaches on the team. Therefore, you could be concerned about Jason O’Keefe and his abilities, especially since he is a new coach who is only on his second season with Saint Louis. Although you might be concerned about whether or not O’Keefe is the right man for the job, you should know that you don’t have anything to worry about because a lot of people are saying that he

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Who Is Head Coach Mike McGinty?

Former professional soccer goalkeeper Mike McGinty was named head coach of the men’s soccer program at Saint Louis University (SLU) on March 10, 2010.

Entering his third season leading the Billikens, McGinty had compiled a 15-17-4 overall record. His first SLU team advanced to the Atlantic 10 Conference Championship semifinals. In addition to his onfield success, McGinty has aggressively generated interest in the SLU program, which finished 12th nationally in attendance in 2011.

McGinty spent 11 seasons as an assistant coach at the University

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SLU Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 1962 National Championship Team

The St. Louis Billikens men’s soccer team is one of the most celebrated squads in the nation. They dominated the collegiate soccer landscape for nearly two decades in the 1960s and 70s, winning 10 national championships from 1959-1973. Since the Billikens’ dynasty run came before the days of 24/7 news and HD satellite tv, much of the general sports public is unaware of the rich soccer tradition at St. Louis University.

In fact, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of St. Louis’ third national championship. The 1962 squad, led by legendary coach Bob Guelker, was supposed to be a rebuilding year. The Billikens lost 10 lettermen from the 1961 national runner-up team, returning just four starters – Tom Klein, Bob Trigg, Tom McDonnell and Gerry Balassi.

Naturally, it wasn’t a surprise when the team started the season looking modest at best. However, the Bills would begin to gel midway through the season, defeating Navy Pier, Indiana Tech and Illinois by a combined 27-1 margin. St. Louis cruised into the NCAA tournament and saved their best soccer for last. They trounced Stanford 9-3 and edged Michigan State 2-0 to advance to the national championship game against the Maryland Terrapins.

SLU, after gaining an early 2-0 lead, fell behind 3-2 at halftime. After a scoreless third quarter, Gerry Balassi netted the game-tying and game-winning goals in the fourth quarter. St. Louis won 4-3 in a thriller, securing their third national championship in four years.

How Will The Men’s Billiken’s Team Finish In 2013?

The men’s Billiken’s team, the renowned soccer team at Saint Louis University, will once again compete in the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2013. Fans are waiting to see if Head Coach Mike McGinty, fairly new to the team, can take them to another season victory. The team dominated collegiate soccer in the latter 50′s through the 1970′s. The team has won 10 NCAA Men’s Soccer Championships. This is more than any other men’s college soccer eam. However, the Billikens, since 1974, have not been

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How Will The Women’s Billiken’s Team Finish in 2013?

The women’s Billiken’s team has had some troubled times in the past with records have not been the best. Now with the addition of Lisa Stone as the new head of the women’s basketball coach they are sure to flourish. With their season end at the A-10 of 69-51, they have already shown improvement from past seasons. You will find that along with a new coach who is considered one of the best

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Highlights From The Men’s Spring Soccer Exhibition Season

After going 6-10-1 overall and 4-5 in conference play, the St. Louis Billikens were hoping to build momentum going into the 2012-13 season when they opened up spring exhibition season. The Billikens opened up their spring exhibition season against Washington University, Indiana, Creighton, Butler and ended the season with the Bradley Braves. Although SLU would play tough and close matches, they would close out their exhibition season with a 1-2-2 record.

The Billikens lost to Indiana 3-2, lost to Butler, beat Washington University 3-1 for their only victory of this exhibition season and tied Creighton and Butler. In

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Highlights From The Women’s Spring Soccer Exhibition Season

The team, coming back from a painful championship loss last season, are in good spirits these days. All team members were accounted for and no one is on the injured list. One of the problems the team had last season was that they weren’t fast enough with the ball. This season, they will be will be running sprints more and working on dribbling the ball faster. The coaches want to work on teamwork by having team members passing the ball back and forth without losing control of it. The team didn’t have problems scoring, but

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The Highest Men’s Scorer For The Soccer Team

The Saint Louis Billikens Men’s Soccer Team, an intercollegiate varsity sports team, has been kicking the ball around since the 1940′s with the highest men’s scorer for the soccer team. Impressive scoring from the team, known for their championship games from the late 1950′s through the 1970′s; fans from all over have watched this team win time and time again. They have been runner-up champions three times in the 70′s as well and have appeared in thirteen NCAA college cups. They have also won a conference chamopiship game in 2009. The men’s soccer team has a won a record ten championship games! All of these championships were in the 60′s and early 70′s. Coach Bob Guelker led them to five of those championships, with Harry Keough giving them their last five championship games. The Billikens are now coached by Mike McGinty. Noted alumni include greats Pat McBride, Mark Pais, Carl Gentile, directtelevisionpackages.com, Matt KcKeon and Al Trost. Saint Louis University also boasts of a soccer club that goes by the slogan, “For the greater glory of God.” This club is for men who are serious about trying out for the team, and since the number of teams has increased greatly for the Mid-America Collegiate Soccer League, competition is stiff.